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There are plenty of reasons why you need to waterproof your bathroom. Waterproofing your bathroom requires unique skill sets that only professional tiling contractors can provide. It requires a time and labour intensive process, which makes it cost-effective to hire professional contractors.

What is Waterproofing Your Bathroom?

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Bathrooms are regularly exposed to water, moisture and humidity because of your shower, bathtub, toilets, and sinks. That is why you need to waterproof your bathroom to prevent water and moisture seeping in adjacent rooms. This can cause damage to your house. Waterproofing your bathroom helps prevent water from leaking in the adjacent rooms, the hallway and under your flooring. Waterproofing your bathroom is also extremely import, especially for bathrooms in upper storey bathrooms.

Reasons Why You Need to Waterproof Your Bathroom

Waterproofing your bathroom is extremely important to help prevent water from seeping or leaking out of the bathroom.

1. Helps Contain The Water

Waterproofing your bathroom helps contain the water inside. It prevents water and moisture from seeping out of the bathroom. Leaking to other parts of the house can cause damage in your wall finishing, ceilings, floorings, and carpeting.

2. Helps Control Moisture

Bathroom waterproofing helps control the moisture and humidity of adjacent rooms. Too much moisture can promote the growth of moulds and bacteria. Moisture can be a potential health risk for the occupants in your home. Moulds and bacteria thrive on environments with excessive moisture and waterproofing your bathroom can help prevent moisture from accumulating in hard to reach places like your attic or the space between your bathroom walls and the adjacent room.

3. Helps Improve Insulation

Waterproofing your bathroom can improve the insulation of your bathroom by adding a layer of materials that help keep the external temperature out of the bathroom and keep in the temperature inside the bathroom. This can also increase the efficiency of your heating system and potentially decrease your heating bills.

4. Give You More Design Options

Waterproofing your bathroom gives you more freedom in creating and designing your bathroom. You no longer have to worry about water from your shower getting in your walls or the water in your bathroom from overflowing from your bathtub. Waterproofing your bathroom allows you to open up your design making it more ergonomic and more comfortable to clean and maintain.

5. Adds Value To Your Bathroom

Waterproofing your bathroom adds more value to your bathroom and your home. Waterproofing helps prevent water from leaking or seeping out of your bathroom, which can prolong the life of your home and your finishing.

6. Reduces Maintenance

Waterproofing your bathroom can help reduce the cost of maintaining your bathroom and the surrounding area. This helps reduce the risk of water damage in your wall finishing, flooring, and carpeting in the hallways and rooms surrounding your bathroom.

Things to Consider When Waterproofing Your bathroom

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Your bathroom is continuously exposed to water, so it is crucial to waterproof it so that water will not be able to seep to other rooms can cause water damage.

1. Showers

Showers is the number one source of water splashes in the bathroom, so waterproofing the shower walls and floors is essential to avoid water from getting into your walls and ceilings. The water in the shower tends to splash around even with shower curtains and dividers, so it is essential to adequately waterproof the shower area.

2. Bathtubs

Bathtubs are also a significant source of water in your bathroom, especially when you overfill your tub and water splashes around when you get in and get out of the bathtub. Waterproofing the bathtub will prevent water from soaking into your walls which can cause rot and moulds if left untreated. Water in your bathtub can also splash out. That is why it is essential to waterproof the area surrounding the bathtub to help contain the water and prevent it from leaking out.

3. Washbasins

Washbasins are also another primary source of water in your bathroom. It is essential to waterproof the area around your washbasin to prevent water from seeping out. Water from your washbasin can splash around the bathroom, which can accumulate if there is no drain installed to catch water.

4. Toilet

Toiles are also one of the areas that need to be waterproofed because it requires constant cleaning. Waterproofing the area in your toilet can make it easier to clean and maintain.

5. Tile Grouting

The grouting in the tiles can considerably help waterproof your bathroom; that is why it is essential to check the workmanship of the tiling. Breaks in the grouting can cause water to seep under the flooring, which can damage the foundations of your house or destroy the ceiling if it is in an upper storey.

6. Bathroom Piping

Another thing to consider is waterproofing the piping system in your bathroom to help prevent water from seeping into adjacent rooms in case of a leak.

Waterproofing your bathroom requires industry-specific techniques to help improve the waterproofing and efficiently drain the water in the bathroom. These include ensuring there is a proper slope in the drain to allow the water to drain and prevent the accumulation of water freely.

Adequate seals should be installed in the drains to ensure that no water leaks and out and particular attention to the tiles and tile joint to ensure they are adequately sealed and prevent water from seeping under the flooring or the walls. Professional contractors will help ensure that the job gets done right the first time to avoid costly delays and back jobs in your bathroom remodelling project.

Cohuna Bathrooms provides bathroom waterproofing services at extremely affordable rates. Professional contractors will help you stay on track with your bathroom waterproofing project and most importantly within budget. Cohuna Bathrooms also provides a whole range of bathroom tiling and kitchen tiling services for your home at very affordable rates. Hiring expert professionals ensure that you will be getting the best of what you pay for in terms of quality and workmanship.

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