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We probably don't have to tell you that bathrooms are wet places. You knew that already, right? But there are ways of containing that water so that it doesn't seep into other rooms of the house or affect the strength of walls, or look bad with water collecting in areas that lead to mould and ugly grout.  Getting the waterproofing right before you revamp the look of your bathroom is key to long term livability of your most special room.


Ask most homeowners where the threat from water lies and they'll look straight at the floor near the bath. But in the process, a lot of us forget to think about the walls—particularly the splashback areas and the wall behind the shower. Applying silicone sealant is much more difficult than applying grout, as precision is key to achieving that perfect finish. Fail to seal that wall properly is an open invitation to mildew and mould. Frequently building up out of site is hard to reach crevices. So we take care of that for you, firstly by inspecting your bathroom and its fittings. Working out where the threats are coming from and then by dealing with them. We seal your walls to keep your bathroom fresh and mould free.


Water seeping into your floors will eventually get to the timbers and soften them. So ensuring your flooring is waterproof has to be a priority. Making sure it's completely waterproof, no matter how crazy the kids get in the bath. Means a combination of cleaning, priming, silicon sealing, applying waterproofing agent, and a waterproofing membrane.  Not just one layer either, but several. Taking particular care of the joints, which means it is a job best done by the pros.  We promise to make your bathroom floor one hundred per cent waterproof for you before we work on the new look and feel of the room and its features.


We don't forget the ceilings either. As important as the floor is for containing splashes and leaks, the ceiling takes quite a pounding and not just from misdirected showerheads either.  There is a constant cycle of evaporation and condensation in a bathroom as you'll know if you've ever looked at a steamed up mirror. The thing is that it might not show up as it does on a mirror, but your ceiling is being treated to that soaking too, which makes it all the more important to seal and protect your ceiling with multiple layers of waterproofing.  Please leave it to us.

Waterproofing around Features

There are special techniques for waterproofing around the edges and joins in a bathroom including areas like the window frames if you have any and any areas where there is the possibility of leaking plumbing from toilets, faucets, and showers at any point.  Leaks can happen, but damage from them doesn't have to.  So let us assess your bathroom for likely leak and flood points and take particular care to waterproof those just in case.  Once your bathroom, shower, toilets or utility room (let's not forget washing machines and dishwashers) are completely waterproofed, we can get going on renovating your rooms for a completely new look.


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