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Stone Tiling


When it comes to bathroom tiling, there is just nothing like natural stone tiling to give an air of elegance and class. Natural stone tiles have sophisticated beauty, durability, and allergy-friendly credentials homeowners love. Whether it's traditional marble – used for centuries as a mark of prestige – or more modern effects in slate. Stone tiles are naturally durable, water-resistant. Above all beautiful both to look at and to walk on barefoot. At the same time, indeed, stone tiling will typically cost more than ceramics or porcelain (it has to be quarried out of the ground and shipped after all). The cost is easily recouped in terms of the increase in the value of the property, and the long life of the result.

Required Skills

Clearly working with stone tiles is not as simple as working with those familiar ceramic kitchen tiles. Ask anyone who's ever had to cut a stone tile to shape, which is why you want to come to the professionals at Cohuna for your stone tiling. This is to make sure the job is done just right from the very start. You don't want to have to lift fixed stone tiles at any point for risk of breakages. So it's all the more important to get stone tiling done by experts. Tiling expert knows how to level, smooth, and waterproof those surfaces before laying your precious tiles.


Some stones are naturally water-resistant – marble is the obvious example – which has led to them being used in bathrooms.  In the past, these stone surfaces were often glossy and shiny as part of that water resistance. Still, increasingly modern techniques for chemical sealing have opened up a world of other natural stones that can be used in bathrooms. So good are these sealants that you now see them even in the shower. They are guaranteed to take direct water pressure and be part of the drainage process.  So your choice has never been better.

Unique Effects

Every stone tile is slightly different. It means your stone tiled bathroom floors and walls will literally look like no other. This creates a beautiful and fascinating effect that stands out from human-made tiling in which every tile is identical to the one next to it. If you're looking for an individual and stylish look for your house, then you may find that stone tiling your bathroom gives it to you in one simple move.

Underfloor Heating

One of the beauties of the natural stone tiling is that their colours and natural irregularities can help add a sense of warmth to bathrooms.  It used to be the worry, however, that the price of this was a surface that would be freezing underfoot in the winter. Vague associations of draughty castles or cold hard flagstones probably played their part in that idea. That's not the case now because natural stone flooring can be combined with modern underfloor heating systems. It creates effects that are as comfortable to walk on as they are breathtaking to look at. Talk to us today about natural stone tiles for your bathroom.


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