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Shower Repairs


There are all sorts of little things that go wrong with showers ranging from chipped tiles to plumbing problems. For some reason, we all seem to put off doing anything about them.  That's a mistake because your shower is more than a simply functional part of your day. Tiling a shower floor provides an opportunity to enhance the look and value of your house. It should be a pleasurable highlight.

Plus plumbing problems have a nasty habit of getting worse, not better, and if there's dripping or leaky water involved you're not only paying for it in your utility bill but may end up paying a lot more for it in water damage or mould in badly waterproofed corners of your bathroom. Proper waterproofing is essential to a long-lasting installation of any shower floor project.

Shower Doors

Chipped and sticking shower doors is something we are often asked to deal with. While the repair of the door itself is often relatively easy, we always look at why a shower door is causing a problem in the first place. True there are old shower doors and cheap shower doors that sag all by themselves. But often the door not fitting level on its hinges is a sign of settling elsewhere. That could be due to water damage in the underfloor joists.  So it's always a good idea to call us in not just to fix the inconvenience but also to make sure that there's nothing more serious hiding behind the door.

Leaky Shower Heads and taps

There are a lot of reasons why taps and shower heads could leak, and none of them fixes themselves. Does your shower still flow a little or leak after you have switched it off? If it does, then it's probably a gasket that needs changing. That is a cheap and almost instant fix, but as with all bathroom problems, the point of getting the pros in to look at it is that if there is something more than a simple washer or o-ring, then we will find that too.

Low Water Pressure

You didn't invest in a power shower to have low water pressure ruin your shower. The mark of a good shower is a strong jet that thunders away from the grime and the day's cares. But you may have noticed that the pressure doesn't seem to be all it used to be.  That could be something as simple as limescale build-up (which we can deal with). It could also be failing components but either way. It's best to have it dealt with as soon as possible to avoid bigger bills further down the line.

Slow Drains

Slow draining water could be as dumb as a build-up of hair (got any long-haired family members?). It could indicate that your plumbing isn't angled correctly or has blockages due to faulty traps.  We'll thoroughly check the parts you can't reach and ensure that those drains flow again as they should. Give us a call and get us in to check your showers. We can confirm your suspicions, fix the faults, and also talk to you about upgrades for your showering delight.


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