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Bathroom remodelling is an involving project just like renovating a kitchen, living room, or the exterior. It requires a lot of skills and experience because of the systems found in a bathroom like electrical, plumbing, tiling, and so on. 

Further, although bathrooms are small, every square foot counts; thus, it’s a dense, tight work. When repairing you might discover a rusted cast iron plumbing stacks or a leaky shower that require additional skills. 

Additionally, bathrooms are essential spaces in a house used daily; thus, you may experience time pressure if you opt to do it yourself. Thus even a seasoned DIYer may stop and take a deep breathe when it comes to repairing a bathroom.  

On the other hand, you may choose not to call in the professional due to one crucial factor: money. The cost of hiring contractors and buying materials may be inhibited, thus motivating you to use your DIY skills. 

The article will tell you how you can implement the Cohuna bathroom shower ideas using your DIY skills or hiring a professional. 

Bathroom shower tiling job we completed in Cohuna with porcelain tiles


Remodelling your bathroom can bring personal satisfaction, mainly when you do it yourself. Saving a few dollars is the motivating factor for DIY home improvement. 

The use of a general contractor in Cohuna can cost you approximately $20,000 to remodel your small bathroom. On the other hand, the same bathroom may cost you half that amount when you do it yourself.  

Thus bathroom remodel will always cost less when you opt for a DIY option than the use of a professional. Therefore, you can apply the best Cohuna bathroom shower idea by retaining the material cost but saving on the labour cost.   

On the other hand, a professional has advanced skills and experience; thus, they will do the work faster, better, and utilize fewer materials than when you do it yourself. Therefore, you might save a lot more in terms of the cost of the materials when you use a professional than DIY because there is no redo work. 

A contractor has the necessary equipment, know-how, and experience than you do. Thus, your trial and error method may cost you the same amount as hiring a Cohuna expert.  


How long the remodelling exercise will take is another factor to consider. DIYers take longer than contractors; thus, hiring a professional can save you an incredible amount of time. 

A homeowner can only carry out the remodelling project during his free time, and the renovation of a spare bathroom may end up taking six or more months. On the other hand, a professional contractor may complete it within weeks. For instance, you can leave for work in the morning when you have no shower but find one when you come back in the evening or later. 

Therefore, if you only have a single full bathroom in the house, it’s vital to hire a professional contractor like Cohuna Bathroom Renovators to remodel it as quickly as possible. On the other hand, if you have extra bathrooms in your home, then it’s realistic to go the DIY option and implement the dream Cohuna bathroom shower idea. 

Carpentry work 

Bathroom remodelling may include building walls, installing insulation, and boxing in bathtub or shower cubicles. DIYers can perform these tasks by carefully following the manufacturer’s specifications of cabinetry and fixtures. 

Therefore, opting for a DIY in such work where you have a reasonable skill level will help you save money rather than hiring a professional. It’s also an excellent way of experimenting with some of the Cohuna bathroom shower ideas. 


Bathroom tiling job done in Cohuna with white subway tiles

DIYer can install bathroom flooring easily and quickly in the evening or weekend after studying the manual. Hiring a pro to do the easy-install covering such as the luxury vinyl planks can increase the cost of remodelling your bathroom.  

However, a DIYer should keep off porcelain and ceramic tiles installation, for it’s very often assigned to professionals, primarily when it covers a large area. Still, you can do it yourself because a bathroom has a limited floor space.  

Therefore, you can set some time to learn the basics of tile installation and use it to lay your bathroom floor during the weekend with the first Cohuna bathroom shower idea.  

Wiring and Plumbing  

Homeowners should adhere to different rules and regulations set in the Australia Building Code Standards. Hiring a professional electrician and plumber will help you to comply with these requirements for they understand the particular local codes regulations applicable in your case. 

Thus leave the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC rough-in tasks to the experts and only tackle it when they are confident. Further, you can share your best Cohuna bathroom shower idea with the contractor and ask them to implement it in line with the requirements. 

Wall Surfaces  

Drywall contractors are conversant with installing the bathroom’s moisture-resistant green board, mudding, or sanding to obtain a smooth finish. Thus, these professionals will always produce perfect bathroom walls while DIYers’ work can have certain flaws. 

For that reason, it’s essential to recognize that your work can’t compare with that of a professional, and if you’re comfortable with having some flaws on the wall finishing, then you can opt for DIY and save a few dollars. 

Painting and Trim Installation 

Although you may be hesitant handling other remodelling tasks, you may consider painting and trim installation. You may hire a contractor when painting the entire house or a larger space but choose to paint the bathroom since its smaller and may take less time to complete it. 

Additionally, with necessary skills, you can fix particular hardware, towel bars, mirrors, and several other trim pieces. Thus, you can avoid the cost of hiring a painting company by doing it yourself. 

Further, it will allow you to experiment with different Cohuna bathroom shower ideas discovered on the internet.   


Unless the bathroom is large, you should opt for DIY. With the necessary skills and research, you can implement these Cohuna bathroom shower ideas at a minimal cost.  

However, hire Cohuna Bathroom Renovators for your major plumbing and wiring changes. These professionals will do a better job at less time than when you do it yourself.

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