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You finally have to decorate your small bathroom, and you’re interested in the idea of tiles, but you don’t have any idea what kind of tile works best in a small space. Don’t worry. We’ve got some great little bathroom tile thoughts right here!

When attempting to create a small bathroom feel larger and brighter, it’s essential to choose the correct bathroom tile for a small bathroom – whether for walls or floors. But when you try to discover the ideal tile, where do you begin?

Tile Size for Floors and Walls

The size of tiles should not be decided by the size of the bathroom, given what you may say. A small bathroom can enjoy a large tile. Walls and floor are less cramped, and with fewer grout lines, the room expanded visually.

Small bathroom tiles also work well, but be conscious that smaller tiles can sometimes create a crowded feel. Prevent this by using light colours and prevent using tiny tiles with major pattern characteristics.

However, this does not imply that you need to rule out tiny tiles. If you fell for some lovely mosaics, you can mix them up a little by using distinct size tiles in different areas of your bathroom.

Tile Colour Works Best in Small Bathroom

In a tiny bathroom, the colour of your bathroom tiles can make an impact. Though many tiny toilets still look great with darker colours, most individuals go for light hues such as white, cream and light grey.

Neutral colours help to keep calm and clean the atmosphere of a room that fits in smaller spaces. Choose a neutral tile colour scheme for the bathroom, and it will give you the illusion of more space and a hit with prospective customers as an added advantage if you ever come to sell your property.


The layout and location of your bathroom fixtures and installation can also influence how tiny your bathroom looks. When you have a small bathroom, this will look overcrowded and uncomfortable by the addition of big taps, sinks and other fittings. To keep everything in balance, select new, stylish fittings that match with the scale of your bathroom. It’s essential to map all of this in a scaled drawing before you begin construction or renovation.

The Layout of the Tiles

Our final recommendation is to place your tiles in a diagonal pattern to make your tiny bathroom look bigger. When laid down this way, we do not see the typical squared tiles, and rather than our eyes are drawn to the diagonal points whereas our brain has much more difficulty figuring out how many tiles are there.

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