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Bathroom Renovations

classic looking bathroom clean

It may be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but your bathroom has a huge impact on the quality of your home life. If there's one room that sets the tone for luxury and comfort, it's this one, so it's worth taking the time to renovate it right.

Bathroom renovations Cohuna don't have to cost you the earth either since in our experience relatively small touches can have a massive impact on the look and feel of your room and the quality of the time you and your family spend in there. Speaking of which you might want to give some thought to just who gets to share your bathroom. With bathrooms being such personal spaces it makes sense to maximise the number in your house, even if that means a shower unit in the guest or kids' bedroom so that each one can more accurately reflect the needs and tastes of those who are going to use and enjoy it.

A bathroom should be functional, but at the same time a haven of luxury and calm at the beginning and end of your daily routine, someplace you feel that you can wash away your troubles and cares. Let us help you with that.

Sinks and Baths

One of the simplest ways of remodelling your bathroom is to change those old sinks and that bath. There is a dazzling range of sinks and baths out there now ranging from edgy modern design to classic nostalgic. At Cohuna Bathroom Renovations we believe that those sink and bath units may be the centrepiece of your newly remodelled bathroom. Still, it's the setting they're in that will ensure the success or otherwise of your new design. So talk to us about the kind of bath unit you're interested in, and we'll discuss the designs and the surrounds that we can create for you.

Bathroom Surfaces

Look around any bathroom and see how much surface area there is above the floor. Those sink and tap surround, bathroom units and shelves are all meant to be functional (there are a lot of suds, soaps, and squeezy bottles in a bathroom) but that doesn't mean they can't be beautiful. As important as the bath/shower is, we believe in looking at the whole space around it when we renovate your bath.

Vanity Units

So often we see vanity units that are little more than boxes. Now boxes have their uses, but the box should be no more than a frame for the surfaces that you and your guests will see and enjoy using, which is why you should talk to us about putting in new surfaces and coverings to bring tired old vanity units back to new life.


Bathroom floors have a tough time of it. Remember that when tiling the whole bathroom; all the tiles need to be aligned at the corners. They have to be waterproof and splash-proof, slip-resistant, feel good underfoot and still look absolutely great whether wet or dry. That's asking a lot of questions from any flooring. Fortunately, we have the answers, and we can show you how to have a completely new bathroom without any rebuilding at all by re-flooring and re-tiling your existing space.


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