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Did you know that you can create a luxurious bathroom even without a big decorating budget? The secret is knowing how to accessorize it and use the best paint colour in the market. 

These ideas are as simple as changing the lighting, the shape of the mirror, or bringing life indoor just to alter the feel and appearance of this space. 

The article will provide you with some of the best bathroom ideas in Cohuna that can elevate its look.

Fix a Large-Scale Lighting  

Replace your current lighting fixtures with flush-mount chandeliers. The large-scale light fixture will create a significant impact overhead while leaving a lot of space at the lower side of the bathroom 

However, you should avoid mounting lighting fixtures that take up a lot of space because a spacious bathroom looks luxurious. 

Use Plants 

Bathroom ideas photo taken in Cohuna with a plants inside the bathroom

One of the most straightforward bathroom ideas in Cohuna is to bring life indoor. The area has numerous native plants that can do well indoors. Some succulents have leaves and roots that retain water to help them survive in worse conditions.  

Thus, these plants can do well in humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. They can also be readily found in large chain stores or specialists online.  

Think of the Kentia palm, aloe vera, Boston fern, spider plant, and cast iron plant. Besides giving the room that luxuriant look, these fresh-looking plants absorb moisture in the bathroom. You can place them in a galvanized planters to draw attention and make a small space appear larger.  

Splurge White for Elegant Simplicity 

Use white to create an elegant bathroom. Buy white cabinets and countertops to give this space a classy and straightforward backdrop. Paint the bathroom with a light neutral colour and blend it with white towels and rugs alongside neutral accessories. The look is mostly seen in bathrooms in high-end hotels. 

Monochromatic Color Scheme 

The spa-inspired bathroom tends to be the most expensive bathrooms. These bathrooms use simple materials and colours due to their relaxing qualities. According to the best bathroom ideas in Cohuna, you can use a simple monochromatic colour scheme to generate a spa vibe.  

You can use varying shades of the nice-looking aqua or blue paint colour to come up with a super relaxing atmosphere. Alternatively, use a soothing tone and add its darker or lighter shade and layer them to create depth. 

Golden Details 

You can achieve a classier look by adding a dash of gold on the taps. That element will make a massive difference in the general appearance of the bathroom. A golden mirror or exposed plumbing can upgrade the look of an old bathroom. 

Paint it Gray 

For many years homeowners have been creating a wood-toned or white bathroom. However, the use of grey is one of the latest bathroom ideas in Cohuna. It’s a new go-to bathroom colour that can also be used in a kitchen because it’s soothing and easy to match.   

You can opt for greige, which is a warm grey to complement a wood trim or vanity in the bathroom and throw in brushed silver fixtures. Thus, grey paint coupled with accessories and lighting can give you a high-end bathroom 

Invest in Bathroom Mats 

Most homeowners use average mats in the bathroom because they choose something soft. After all, its purpose is to soak wetness from your feet. A tired or dirty bath mat makes your bathroom appear unkempt and should be replaced. 

Another thing to avoid is terry cloth mats, Persian and Turkish rugs, which are a common feature in most homes. Instead, you should invest in a mat that can give your bathroom a modern spa-like serenity. 

Think of better colours and patterns that you can use to add personality and sophistication to this room. Therefore look for bamboo bath mats, light-coloured pebble bath mats, a mossy green bath mats that are inspired by nature. 

Use Marble to Ooze Opulence  

Marble is the material to go for if you’re seeking to create a bathroom that depicts opulence, sophistication, and luxury. Excellent bathroom ideas in Cohuna shows that a light-coloured finish makes the shower look large and bright. This is ideal in a room with large windows and high ceilings. You can enhance the look further by adding a white sanitaryware that creates a classic feel. 

Bathroom photo ideas of a bathroom in Cohuna with a marble tiles

Luxury Window Treatments 

Investing in luxury window treatment is another way of making a design statement. While most homeowners prefer blinds for ultimate privacy, the best bathroom ideas in Cohuna consist of the use of shutters to add elegance in your shower area.  

In line with this, you can use shower curtains rather than sliding doors. There a wide selection of real curtains you can use rather than those meant for the bathroom. For instance, you can use silk or silklike material to up the luxe factor. Use an inexpensive fabric shower liner on the inside to protect the silk. 

A Double Shower  

Another excellent example of bathroom indulgence according to bathroom ideas in Cohuna is the installation of a double shower, for it’s a truly luxe addition.   

Additionally, you can make a statement with the wall tiles while you keep other shower fittings reasonably simple. For instance, you can use hexagonal tiles and a recessed shelf unit. 

Stand-out Hand Basin 

You can create a luxury bathroom feel even with a limited budget. This will be achieved by the use of a statement piece, such as a hand basin. One of the bathroom ideas in Cohuna is to make this area a focal point and transform its feel.   

You can achieve this using a striking combination of a stylish mirror, a freestanding vanity basin with a nickel finish and an industrial-style wall lights. Enhance the luxurious feel further by adding a good quality hand soap and a delicate house plant.  

All-tiled Bathroom  

Tiles can add visual interest and texture to a luxury bathroom, mainly when you use them on both the floor and walls. Use a slip-proof matt finish on the floor and contrast that with a glossy finish on the walls to aid in reflecting the light. 

The list of ideas for creating a luxury bathroom is endless. You can contact Cohuna Bathroom Renovations for customized designs and a quote.

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