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Everyone can build their dream space with these new bathroom designs and ideas that are trendy and functional but will not break the bank. Styling a bathroom with luxurious decoration and personal items is just one factor that defines the space in modern bathroom designs.

It is essential to adopt the recent trends in how a bathroom will look, but also how it will work on a daily basis, to bring your bathroom to the next level of luxury. We see more bathrooms with timeless fittings such as vanities and showers showing minimal detail, creating open spaces that are not only easy to access but have little maintenance.

The shape characteristics in space with a careful design that heroes materials, finishes & accents. Also, a declaration piece that finishes the appearance and feel of other vital style decisions balances texture and pattern and may even include colour pops.

Raw and Natural Finish

We see a lot of natural and raw materials, including wood, concrete, stone and marble. Use on vanity tops, side tables and bath caddies, paired with tapware metallic-gold, brass and copper are sure to enhance that luxurious feel.

Simple built-in equipment

Make a statement using these clever functional characteristics:

  • back-to-wall baths with a niche in the back wall.
  • Vanities hung on the wall
  • Hung Mirrors
  • Enclosed shaving cabinets
  • Underfloor heating system
Modern bathroom designs trends for materials and finishes
  • Wood in benchtops, niche characteristics, side tables and accessories for the bathroom
  • Natural or stone-like fabrics with Matt finish, for example in a tub or basin

Gold, gold and gunmetal finishes.


Bamboo, pendants made of metal and glass, led lights, backlights.


Herringbone pattern as a function tile and larger-format designs in earthy or monochrome colours.

Fully frameless shower

Single set glass panel showers are practical and seamless, with smooth lines that modernize and really open up any room. With simple access, you’ll not only enjoy the look, but you’ll also enjoy the fresh trouble-free bath experience with a fully accessible moist area that offers simple access and minimal repairs.

The modern design of bathrooms with easy care options

The single piece of glass is not the only way to reduce the cleaning process. Choose a bathroom and shower back-to-wall. Remove these dust traps and generate an enjoyable luxury retreat, allowing you more time to soak, rejuvenate and relax.

Back-to-wall bathrooms

With a bathtub intended to put a flush against a wall-no longer, offset-you can appreciate that additional piece of the room and generate not only the desired room. Look without the trouble to get a clean-up behind it. Visually a lovely focal point, it’s also the ideal place to place the niche above.


Trending in modern bathroom models are wall-hung vanities with luxury characteristics including smooth closing draws, premium runners and easy detailing-bevelled grip finger pulls in the location of handles. Applying stone, concrete and timber to the surface means that you don’t have to go all out to make a lovely declaration.

Choose an above-counter bath with a Matt finish – such as stone-looking ceramics – you still get the luxurious look and feel out of it.


Wall niches generate depth to any room and can produce a lovely function of their own. Furthermore, they are the ideal location to store the essentials of your daily bathroom and show stylish accents-add your private touch.

If you want to add more luxury to establishing a welcoming room, consider installing LED lighting strips. Especially when placed in a concealed and seamless niche-the impact generates warmth and ambience.

Other Luxury Features

Underfloor heating provides you with added luxury and assembly expenses are not as costly as you might believe. In addition, with modern bathroom models shifting to open moist places and douches with the one-level entrance. Underfloor heating provides the benefit of evaporating any remaining after use water.

This makes it more mould-resistant an undertaking that has proven to be worth the expense.

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