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About Our Team


Cohuna Bathroom Renovations are experts in ensuring that the floors and walls not only look absolutely amazing but also fully withstand water. That makes us the team to go to for all your tiling on walls and floors.

From tiling splashbacks to heavy-duty utility room floors. We will care for your underfloors, totally waterproof gaps, cracks, and joins. Besides, we use waterproof membranes, grouts and silicone to ensure that your tiles are put on a perfectly prepared surface. Since we are working to the highest professional standards for waterproof tiling. We are called upon to work in commercial tiling as well as in residential tiling.

We now offer a fully certified and accredited bathroom design and installation service. Whether you're looking to re-look a guest toilet or a complete gymnasium shower block and swimming pool. We are the tiling experts you need to talk to today.

Renovating your bathroom is one of the most dramatic ways of giving your house a whole new look. Bathroom renovation raises the level of luxury in your daily life. A great bathroom remodelling begins with the great design of the Cohuna Bathroom Renovations.

When tiling a bathroom, you should keep in mind that a lot of your decisions should be affected by the size of the room, with solutions ranging from porcelain and ceramic tiling to unique natural stone floor and wall tiling. We can create any look you want with the reassurance that it will perform, and continue to perform for decades.

The right bathroom renovation can increase your property's appeal and its value. Not just for you and your family but prospective buyers. The day comes when you want to move on and up. So give us a call today at Cohuna Bathroom Renovations and let us turn your dreams into reality


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