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Cohuna Bathroom Renovations

Cohuna Bathroom Renovations


Welcome to Cohuna Bathroom Renovations, the tiling, repair and renovation service you can count on to not only transform the look of your bathroom, kitchen, shower, or utility room, but to do so to the highest standards. That means we don't just tile and renovate but we do that after thorough inspection of the underlying surfaces and we waterproof so not so much as the smallest drip can get through to damage walls and floors.

About Us

Bathroom renovation is just one part of what we do. We take on jobs of all sizes from minor repairs to full-scale remodelling of residential and commercial wet rooms. That includes bathrooms big and small, plus showers and guest toilets, but also kitchen splashbacks and utility rooms, right up to the big jobs like pool tiling and shared shower block renovations.


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    Our Services

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    At Cohuna Bathroom Renovations, we do a mix of taking care of the basics and performing a little magic to fulfil your dreams. We are simultaneously the team who fix the little things like showers that don't shower properly and the dream team who can completely change the look and feel of your home with a total bathroom remodel.

    We can also give you the tiled pool of your dreams and yes we extend to full commercial renovations and water area tiling including shower blocks and changing rooms. So there's a lot that we cover. The thing to remember is that as professionals in the wet area tiling game we don't just stick up a bunch of pretty tiles and say the job is done. We look at the structural issues of subfloors, walls, and ceilings and we take care of the entire waterproofing of them to ensure that our beautiful (if we say it ourselves) tiling work will carry on looking great and working hard for a lifetime.

    So if you've got a commercial or residential kitchen, bathroom, shower, utility room, pool, or shower block that you need to look fantastic while keeping your water where you want it, then you know who to call. In the meantime, the following are a few of our most in-demand services but this is by no means an exhaustive list because our experience of working with all kinds of tiling across everything from kitchen splashbacks to swimming pools means that there's not much we can't take on. If you don't see what it is you're looking for, then call us and let's talk.

    Looking for a quality bathroom renovation blog? Browse our bathroom renovation blog today written by our expert staff for tips, design ideas, & more.

    Bathroom Renovations
    Floor Levelling & Screeding

    Bathroom Renovations

    This is where we really shine. Renovating your bathroom brings big rewards in so many ways. For a start your bathroom shouldn't be a place you get in and out of as fast as you can; it should be where you luxuriate, breathe a moment, and refresh before or after a hard day. It is the room your house will be judged by so a bathroom that is old and mouldy with full-on 1970s avocado tiling will speak the world about you. In just the same way a beautifully presented, modernised bathroom with gorgeous natural stone tiling not only looks fantastic and is a pleasure to spend time in but will only add to the value of your home. Talk to us about how we can turn your dreams into reality.


    Surprise – there's water in bathrooms, showers, toilets, and in the kitchens. The fact is that it's not the water you see collecting or splashed onto surfaces that's the problem. It's the water that seeps away into the walls and floors that causes the trouble. The good news is that we're onto that.

    Multi-layer waterproofing means preparation, primer, waterproof membranes, and waterproof coatings that will see your surfaces (and everything beyond them) right for years to come.

    Floor levelling & Screeding

    When water is involved, it's crucial to take care of levelling surfaces because not only does a non-level surface feel and look wrong, it also stores up a world of trouble for the future. If a surface isn't level, it undoubtedly means that water will run, collect, and pool in places that you probably don't want. As pros in this business, we go beyond simply making sure your floors are flat; however – we also check out why there is a gradient in the first place. That could be natural settling, or, given that it's a room with water in it there is always the chance that it's because poor or degraded waterproofing has led to water getting into supporting joists and causing them to go soft. Let us level your playing field.

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    Shower Repairs
    Wall & Floor Tiling
    Stone Tiling

    Shower Repairs

    From minor chips and doors that don't hang or close right to pressure issues and drainage problems we can sort out your shower so you can truly enjoy freshening up in your own home. However small or big the problem is we can sort it and the smart thing to do is to call us in now before that little issue becomes a big one.

    Wall & Floor Tiling

    Now we're talking. This is our speciality. Whether you want to know about the wonder of pure porcelain tiles or ceramic offerings we can show you how field, border, and accent tiling can make your wet rooms stunning – and easy to keep clean for the foreseeable future.

    Stone Tiling

    Natural stone is effortlessly classy, tough, and an instant value-add to your property. Sure it takes experts to cut stone tiles to shape and advise you on what works where but that's what we do.

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    Contact Us Today

    Our team will redesign, re-imagine, and remodel your bathrooms, kitchens, showers, and utility rooms. We fix the things that are broken. We can sort out a world of problems to do with drainage and waterproofing, but more, much more than that we give you a better quality of life and a better value for your home or commerce. If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page. So call us now.

    “Cohuna Bathroom Renovations sorted our blocked drain and leaky shower head in about the same time it took for me to make coffee for them. Can't believe I put off calling the in.” -  Donald L.

    “Cohuna Bathroom Renovations transformed our tired old bathroom into the most beautiful slate scape designer dream you could imagine. I still come home and just look at it sometimes.” - Laurie L.

    “Cohuna Bathroom Renovations fixed a waterproofing issue in our floors/ceilings that has literally bothered us for years.” - Susan H.